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Contribute to this Humanitarian Cause, Gaza War Victims Relief Funds


The Gaza War is resulting in great suffering for its innocent residents. No amount of effort is enough to overcome this calamity and assist thousands of our brothers and sisters.

All our staff members are requested to VOLUNTARILY one day`s salary (or more) towards the relief fund. The total amount mobilized from all KR staff, along with a contribution by KR, will be sent to the Oman Charitable Organization (OCO). We encourage all our staff to contribute to this humanitarian.

Take on the World with American Tourister

june 30 AM tourister MD 13

Every Child is a winner in KR FIFA World Cup Facebook Contest 2014


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KR Infra Group’s Corporate – Film


KR Blood Drive 2014


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Record Blood Drive. 400+ people donated blood. Thanks to all donors. Blood bank of Oman & KR Family & Friends. Great show. Thanks & Wishes to the KR management for conducting the event with Ministry of Health (MOH).

Ramadan Offer form khimji`s Home Furniture