Heartfelt congratulations Oman National Cricket Team


Khimji Paints celebrates football league championship



Khimji Paints sponsored one of the largest football tournament in the Wilayat of Sumail.The Sumail Ramadhan Football Tournament 2015.It had all the leading football clubs from the region.Khimji paints is working towards becoming the most committed football supportive paint company in Oman.


Kanak Khimji founding father, Oman Cricket realizes his dream of putting Oman on the world stage. Rousing welcome of the team at MCT airport.

Kanak Khimji founding father

24 National Employees of Khimji Ramdas to attend International Training at Cochin, India, Aug 2015


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Samsonite 20x3MD-01

On a mission to build better communities


A military ex-service man who has invested the best part of his life serving his country, Abdul Karim Bin Surur Al Jabri, Business Development Manager at Khimji Paints, believes that working towards the betterment of his country is a long-term commitment that is not bound by a timeframe. An active member of the community, the retired army veteran firmly believes that building a better nation means creating stronger communities.

Magic night at The Bollywood

Bollywood Magic Show Lightbox_Mupi CCC 180x120cm3333

The Bollywood, one of Muscat’s best-known Indian restaurants, has always entertained its guests by regularly pulling out various surprises from its hat. And the latest surprise is a magic show, which will be conducted on 28th May 2015. The show will begin at 9.00 pm sharp, and guests will be treated to a host of tricks performed by a professional magician, who will perform table-to-table tricks that will astonish and delight the entire family, especially the kids. So get ready to be entertained!!

Kitsu- SPAR bringing a taste of entrepreneurial success


Entrepreneur, business man, restaurateur and youth motivator – Bader Al Shidi wears many hats. But most of all he is a self-made achiever and a shining example of entrepreneurial success in the country. A success that has led to the creation of the food-on-the-go outlet called Kitsu in the new retail chain, SPAR supermarkets, brought to Oman, by Khimji Ramdas.

Ooredoo Saham store Inauguration



KR Ooredoo Saham store was Inaugurated by Wali of Saham recently. The dignitaries from both sides were in full attendance for the event opening.

People present at the occasion:

Ooredoo Saham store.  Inaugration was done by Wali of Saham

Kumail Al Moosawi, Chief People Officer, OOREDOO

Feras Al Shaikh, Director, Consumer Sales, OOREDOO

Raed Mohammed Dawood, Director, Government Relations & Corporate Affairs

Abdullah Sulieman Al Shuaily, Manager, Retail Operations


Anil Khimji, Director, Khimji Ramdas

Rohit Shah, General Manager, Khimji’s Luxury & Lifestyle

Ranjit Ravindran, Head of Sohar Branch

Sarabjot Singh Flora, Manager, Khimji’s Information & Communication Technology


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Mighty feast A Stand-01