Amazing FIRSTS – can you guess the brand?

Which company/ brand introduced the first electric refrigerator;                                                                                                                                          

-The first refrigerator- freezer combination with a separate freezer

-The first air-cooled, window-type air conditioner

-The first automatic defrosting of the refrigerator compartment “Cycla-Matic”

-The first laundry center with washer and dryer

-The first built-in automatic lint removal system in an automatic washer

-The first automatic ice maker which delivers cubes to the ice saver on door

– Industry’s first frost-free chest freezer

It seems that all that we take for granted in our home appliances was introduced by a brand called Frigidaire. Interesting history!

The first electric refrigerator was offered for sale in 1913. In 1915, Alfred Mellowes designed a new version of the original unit and in 1916 the Guardian Frigerator Company was organized to manufacture Mellowes’ refrigerator. General Motors saw the potential of this company and purchased it in 1918 and gave it the name Frigidaire. Mass production techniques were applied, production facilities were improved and additional sales offices were opened. It was then that Frigidaire took off as a company. 

In 1979 Frigidaire was bought over by WCI and in 1986 it passed over to Electrolux.

And the reason why its featuring on this blog is because Khimji’s Appliances & Kitchens Division has now become the distributor for the brand in Oman.

For more info contact

Appliances & Kitchens Division

Bait Al Ahlam , MBD, 4th Floor

Phone:00968 – 24852700

Fax: 00969 -24852755.



2 thoughts on “Amazing FIRSTS – can you guess the brand?

  1. Although I’ve never owned one of their appliances, I’ve always loved the brand name “Frigidaire” and I love their logo. It’s just so retro!

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