SieMatic Kitchens ~ A CLASS APART

The quintessential Lifestyle Navigator – TRY IT.
The quintessential Lifestyle Navigator – TRY IT.

Its time you bring home SieMatic SL.

Where open  yet cosy solutions are sought, the SieMatic SL is at home;

its clear design opens-up new spaces for furnishing. It allows for generous plans even in small areas and makes it possible to integrate the kitchen into living space.

Furthermore, it brings out the essential – the superior quality of material and the perfection of its workmanship. 

There’s still a lot more to know about SieMatic…

… the best way to learn about SieMatic is to visit the SieMatic consultant at our showroom, a specialist who will help you decide what’s best for your kitchen: colors, material, layout,elements, appliances and a whole lot of accessories.

For a detailed presentation of possibilities- please call: 99 333 706 or email:

 personalized designs          appliance solutions         

1950 colors          upgrade kits          5 year warranty

2 thoughts on “SieMatic Kitchens ~ A CLASS APART

    1. Dear Mr. Robert,

      For Kitchen and Built-in Appliances – please contact: Mr. Sam / 99333706 – Business Manager – Khimji’s Bait Al Ahlam – MBD

      Please Call our toll free number 800-75000 to know more on our products/services and divisions.
      We trust this information was useful. Please get back to us for any further queries.

      Team Corporate Communications
      Vijay Shekar
      Khimji Ramdas

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