CHANEL Premiere Watch – with Anna Mouglalis!


The “PREMIERE” was the first Chanel Watch to be created, in 1987.

It has become a CHANEL ICON.

The name “PREMIERE” implies an intuition of the moment yer a sense of duration, an unprecedented combination of contemporary rigor and retro charm that was typical of the 1930s.


The new “PREMIERE” Watch collection draws its identity from an articulated bracelet formed by Graphic Interlocking Links. Its rectangular shape with cut corners is an echo of mademoiselle MADEMOISELLE CHANEL’s taste of simplicity, the PROPORTIONS ECHO The Stopper of N*5 and are reminiscent of the Place Vendome wjere tje couturier once lived and where the “CHANEL FINE JEWELRY” flagship store now stands.

in 2007, to celebrate its 20th anniversary, CHANEL PREMIERED a Mini-Dial for the first time and a white woven pearl bracelet. Consistently updating its conventional form the designs are always reflectie of the times.

2008 saw the incorporation of CERAMIC IN INALTERABLE white or intense black – A Technological material emblematic of Chanel watch-making since the creation of the J12, in 2000.

In 2009, Chanel introduced rubber to the collection. A fabric with unbelievable luster, sculpted into a precious material worthy of watchmaker’s Know-How.

The “PREMIERE” watches has 9 equally contemporary versions.

The CHANEL “PREMIERE” special collection now can be enquired and ordered at Khimji’s Watches – 24699173/24699174. You can also email us at,

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