Usain Bolt, BSW GmbH and Khimji Ramdas… guess What!!!


TV spectators around the globe witnessed an extraordinary spectacle in 100m sprint distance at the Berlin Olympic Stadium recently.

Usain Bolt of Jamaica, the fastest man in the world broke his own record by unbelievable eleven hundreds of a second to clock 9:58 seconds on the blue REGUPOL track.

BSW GmbH is the manufacturer of that REGUPOL running track. Khimji Ramdas represents BSW in oman. BSW is the manufactur of  high performance sports floorings (both indoor & outdoor), fitness performance flooring and equestrian surfaces. 

For further information, please contact: Mr. Karem Shaik, Special Projects Division

Off: +968 2450 4306 Extn.109; GSM: +968 9935 1316; Fax: +968 2450 2639


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