KR Screensavers 2010 Download

Screensavers for your desktop for the next 13 months 

HH Faisal Bin Turki Al Said, CEO, BOMU unveiled the Khimji Ramdas 2010 Calendar at the closing ceremony of the 1st Muscat Youth Summit, held at the Al-Nahdha Resorts and Spa from December 07-09, 2009.

KR 2010 Calendar is dedicated to education. Youth and Education are two of the strongest pillars of our nation. The KR 2010 calendar is a fitting tribute to the vision and zeal of the Brand Oman Management Unit (BOMU), which recognizes the unique strength of Oman and its youth, who comprise almost 60% of its populace.

The 2010 Calendar reflects our commitment towards youth empowerment through education. Featured in the Calendar are 15 students from various institutions of higher education in Oman, each of whom we envision as playing a vital role in the nation’s progress. HAPPY 2010! 

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