P’Zone – The new pizza sandwich

P’Zone – The new pizza sandwich – On the Go … Less than 2 Rials

Pizza ‘on the run’ for those busy teens and young adults who are looking for a convenient alternative to a sit down meal in a restaurant.

P’Zone range will offer an affordable, filling and delicious meal which can be enjoyed anywhere, anytime, whether in the mall, in the car or even at the beach. 

The P’Zone is available now at all Pizza Hut stores in five mouthwatering toppings including supreme, meaty, chicken, vegetarian and margherita. The P’Zone ranges from RO 1.900 for a sandwich or RO 2.700 for a full combo meal.

Muscat: Qurum, MBD, CCC, Airport, MSQ, AL Khuwair, Al Khoud, Ghala, Mabella, Qurum City Centre

Other Cities: Salalah, Sohar, Nizwa, Sur, Tharmad, Wajaja

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