Gabrielle Chanel believed in chance. Her life was interspersed with signs and symbols, punctuated with encounters and opportunities. She formed indelible friendships, experienced intense romances, and her intuition brought real change to the world of fashion and fragrance.  She believed in her destiny, her lucky star, with strength and determination – and life proved her to be right. No other seized their chance with such spirit and passion. «Chance is a way of being.

Chance is my soul. » Gabrielle Chanel

CHANCE is a fragrance created like a constellation, a sphere of scents that opens up in an infinite movement. At the heart of its composition is an unexpected accord, which constantly surprises us with its transformations.

CHANCE was the first CHANEL fragrance to be held in a round bottle – round like the wheel of fortune, which draws us into its ever-turning world. For CHANEL, chance is pink: its colour is soft and dazzling, sparkling and playful.

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