Khimji’s Mart offers exciting rewards to its customers for loyalty at Pizza Hut Outlets

Being a socially responsible retail operator and the largest supermarket chain in Oman, Khimjis’ Mart has always believed in adding value to its regular customers, especially with promotions that build customer delight and loyalty. We are happy to see our regular customers enjoy special treats at the award winning fastfood chain, Pizza Hut for their regular purchase at Khimji’s Mart.

Mr.Tariq Siddeque & Salim Sayd Salim Al Mawali / Mr. Manoj Kumar & Family – Regular shoppers at Khimji’s Mart  are seen in the picture enjoying their P’zone Sandwich  (Obtained through “Mahrjan Khimji’s Promotion”)  at Pizza Hut MBD.

Khimji’s Mart summer promotion “Mahrjan Khimji’s”, ends on 8th of June, 2010, with 140 value prizes on offer.  The promotion and draw dates: 13th June @ Bu Ali, 15th June @ Nizwa, 20th June @ Saham and 22 June @ MBD.

Happy shopping from Your Friendly Neighbourhood Store… Khimji’s Mart

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