2010 Marks The 20th Anniversary Of The Famed Jewelry Collection from Piaget. To commemorate 20 years of its much-loved Possession collection Piaget has announced an exciting new collaboration with one of the world’s most fashionable women, Sienna Miller.

An accomplished actress, known for her memorable performances in such films as “Factory Girl”, “G.I.Joe: Rise of Cobra” and Alfie”, Sienna is also a true fashion icon. Sienna Miller presently serves as a global ambassador for International Medical Corps, which operates in 27 countries and is a leading organization in the Haitian relief effort.

Piaget tapped legendary photographer, Raymond Meier, who is recognized as one of the world’s finest when it comes to shooting both fashion and jewelry. The first image from the shoot that will be released presents a confident, strong, yet totally feminine.

The portrait of Sienna shows she wearing sleek, slim black leather pants and a silky, sleeveless white top, accented with multiple Possession chains, bracelets and rings—all in yellow gold—to give a modern, casual, chic look.

The PIAGET special collection can now be enquired and ordered at Khimji’s Watches – 24699173/24699174. You can also email us at,

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