V Collection ‘luxury Bluetooth Headset’ from VERTU

Vertu, the High-end Brand for luxury phones luxury has poineered yet another innovation of technical gadgets called the V Collection to match with its magnificent phones. The collection includes luxury Bluetooth Headset, Memory card reader and a stylish Ballpoint Pen.

The look of VERTU ‘V Bluetooth Headset’ is very innovative.  It resembles a pen more than a headset when stowed in its case and has an articulating earpiece that folds out for use. A metal ear loop can be used to keep the object easily in your ear.

The VERTU special collection can now be enquired and ordered at Khimji’s Watches – 24699173/24699174. You can also email us at krwatchs@omantel.net.om, tejaskapasi@khimjiramdas.com

2 thoughts on “V Collection ‘luxury Bluetooth Headset’ from VERTU

  1. Dear Mr. Gopal,
    Thank You for your enquiry for the Vertu Head Set.
    We are very pleased to inform you the prices and availability of the same as follows:
    VERTU BLUETOOTH HEADSET (As per the Picture) : Available Ex-Stock
    Ref. No. 02715C4 BH-1V
    Price : Retail Ro. : 360/-

    Please do not hesitate to enquire any further.


    Tejas Kapasi
    Manager- Retail Sales & Marketing

    Khimji Ramdas L.L.C
    Khimji’s Watches
    P.O. Box- 19
    Muscat- 100
    Sultanate Of Oman
    Tel: +968- 24699173 Ext: 24
    Fax: + 968- 24699171
    Mobile- +968- 99465497
    Email: t.kapasi@kr.om

    Please Note that our Email ID has been Changed.

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