Khimji Training Institute Conducts Seminar on Brand Management and Customer Engagement

Khimji Training Institute conducted a one day workshop on The Eternal Laws of Marketing and Branding and Current Trends in Customer Engagement “at Crowne Plaza recently. The presentation covered diverse topics relating to advertising, sales promotion, product development, consumer research and public relations.

Vivek Pande, CEO, Khimji Ramdas, Lifestyle Group presented a paper on Eternal Laws of Marketing and Branding:  He said, Brands are brands and companies are companies. Brand name should always take precedence over the company name.  He emphasised that opportunities for new brands are created constantly by invention of new categories. Marketing is not about the battle of products but a battle of perceptions, he added

Rajive Ahuja, Head of Corporate Communications and Customer Care, Khimji Ramdas in his presentation on Current trends in Customer Engagement  based on the Cannes Lions International Advertisement Festival 2010 gave a riveting lecture on the changes that have taken place on the customer front, specifically the changes on the way customer engagement has turned into community engagement. “The future of profit is in its purpose, making long term customer relationships through community involvement is the way forward, he added.

For more information on the latest Seminars/Conferences/Workshops please contact: | 99368051

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