Victorinox HACCP knives from Khimji’s Luxury & Lifestyle

Things have to move fast in Big Kitchens and it isn’t long before the knife that’s just been used to joint a chicken is being used to chop chicory for a salad. And if the chicken is blemished with Salmonella, it’s highly likely that the salad will be too. It helps to have separate knives that are clearly allocated to separate uses.

Victorinox, the pioneering brand, famous for the timeless design and manufacture of the Original Swiss Army Knife has introduced HACCP knives for professionals. In line with International food regulations, the coloured grips of the knives indicate their intended use, thereby boosting safety and hygiene.   

Victorinox HACCP Knives are distributed in Oman by Khimji Ramdas LLC and are available at all Khimji’s Luxury & lifestyle outlets across Oman. For more information on Victorinox HACCP Knives please contact Khimji Ramdas Toll-free number: 800-75000.

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