Cross Writing Instruments – For Life

Technological forerunner of the modern ball point pens

The State of Rhode Island is the home of Cross Pens, founded in 1879. Cross is probably best known for its line of characteristic ballpoints which were, and still are, the corporate or graduation gifts of choice for thousands of us over the years. Cross refillable writing instruments include ball-point pens, mechanical pencils, Selectip rolling ball/porous-point pens, gel ink pens, multi-function pens and fountain pens.

Cross products are available at Khimji’s Luxury & lifestyle outlets in Oman. For more information, please contact Ruwi Street: 24796161 | Toll-free number: 800-75000.

One thought on “Cross Writing Instruments – For Life

  1. Dear Palak –

    We understand your angst but the service has been suspended till further notice as there are serious issues regarding staffing.
    Please bear with us. We shall inform you once it resumes.

    Team Corporate Communications KR

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