2011 Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors Summit – on the sidelines of Middle East Roadshow

Hritik A. Khimji, Director, Khimji Ramdas

Excerpts from the Hi Times Interview (October 01, 2010)

The businessmen from Gujarat continue with their relentless exploration of investment alliances between Oman and India. The Ties are getting stronger. Mr. Hritik A. Khmji shares his insights on the partnership and way-forward.

 “ Our family moved here 140 years ago and we established our business here. Some say it was so even before that but the records say it’s been 140 years. And, I am in the 5th generation of this family, which originated from Kutchh in Gujarat. That’s from where our ancestors came in as sailors and traders.

We still keep very strong ties; operate charities, schools and hospitals in our native place. Our cultures, business ethics and methods still stay the same as our ancestors showed us and taught us over the centuries.

We have taken part in the Gujarat Global Investor Summits. We continue interacting with business delegates and entrepreneurs from India here and have started our business operations in India as well. So the existing ties are extremely strong and the cultural ties are even stronger. The investor summit in Gujarat is a very good opportunity for us, as people who originally came from India, to go back and see what best we can do and contribute there, financially, economically, ethically, in all ways.

We are happy to go and explore and see where the opportunities would take us.”

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