Nikon COOLPIX “Capture more. Feel more”

The worldwide launch of Nikon COOLPIX “Capture more. Feel more.” brand site took place recently.  

Developed to increase the value of the COOLPIX brand of compact digital cameras, the new “Capture more. Feel more.” brand site will feature a variety of contents and visuals representative of the “Capture more. Feel more.” tagline used throughout the world to describe the value and concept behind COOLPIX-series digital cameras

Not only will the site introduce the COOLPIX brand message, but it will also offer integrated collaboration with Flickr and Twitter, allowing users throughout the world to experience and share the COOLPIX world view themselves.

Nikon Coolpix Brand Site:

For more information on Nikon please contact Megastore ruwi – 24796161, 24708075 | Qurum: 24560419 | Camesura Qurum City Centre (Opposite Carrefour): 24470444 | MQ: 24696678 | Salalah: 23295671 | Toll-free number – Oman: 800-75000.

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