Italy, France, America, Mexico & India on your Pizza!

Italy, America, France, Mexico & India – diverse countries evoking different images and perception in the mindspace. Interesting Different flavours for the palate too at Pizza Hut!

If its a scrumptious 4 cheese pizza from Italy, its a creamy chicken mushroom from France :a chicken chipotle from Mexico for those who like it tangy; to a mouth watering Mega Beef Pepperoni from America for those who like it larger than life; and of course for all those who love the delectable Indian flavours  , its the world famous chicken tikka variety.

And the staff promises to conjure up something innovative and delightful for our vegetarian brethren too!

The World is at the Tip of your Tongue now! Go ahead – try it out!

Available at Qurum, CCC, Qurum City Centre, MBD, MSQ, Al Khuwair, Ghala, Al Khoud, Mabella in Muscat, & Sohar, Sur, Nizwa, Salalah, Tharmad, Wajaja and Ibri in the rest of Oman.

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