Kaya Calendar Photo Contest ties up with Nikon Muscat Photo Workshops


      KAYA SKIN CLINIC recently launched an exciting promotion on Facebook people in the MiddleEast could upload their FACE shots abd be selected to be a KAYA FACE of one of the 12 months of the calendar. 


      Nikon Muscat Photo Workshops http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Nikon-Muscat-Photo-Workshops/148987158447789, on Facebook is a big hit with photoenthusiasts in Oman. Every week some of the our innovative and intrepid photo-amateurs get together to capture images of  exotic & ‘lesser- visited’ and lesser-knowm’ areas around Muscat. These images are then uploaded to the Facebook Page and one of them is chosen by the moderator as the Best of the week.

      Kaya and Nikon Muscat have linked with each other to connect people together.  Exciting times ahead!!!

      12 Fresh Faces, 12 fantastic photographers– you could be one of them – the contest ends on February 10, 2011; there’s still more than 3 Full days to go – get your FACE clicked and you could be the new sensation on the Kaya Calendar.


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