The PAN For All offer from Pizza Hut

Call pizza hut for the Pan For All WOW OFFER!!!  Four small pan pizza’s in one box for a WOW PRICE of RO 5.900*

Under the Pan-for-All offer, customers will get their pizzas in a specially designed box. They can choose from combinations including Super Supreme, Pepperoni, Spicy Hot, Hawaiian, Chicken Supreme, Garden Fresh, Exotica and Margherita.

Call now ~ Hotline number: 24822500

Muscat: QURUM, MBD, AIRPORT, AL KHUWAIR. AL KHOUD, GHALA, MABELLA, QURUM CITY CENTRE | Other Cities: SALALAH – 2329030, SOHAR 1 – 26841155, SOHAR 2 – 26752900, NIZWA – 25412096, SUR – 2554388, THARMAD – 26810036, IBRI – 25692444.

The promotion will run for 2 months. It will be available on delivery & take away, across all Pizza Hut outlets (Except: Wajaja & Bu Ali)

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