KR shipping to support Duqm Port, dry dock operations

Khimji’s Sparkle Marine Services LLC celebrated the arrival at Port Sultan Qaboos of the first of the three brand new tug boats that are en route to Duqm for deployment.  Wholly Owned by Khimji’s Sparkle, the three tug boats are truly state-of-the-art, namely “Dorat Al Behar, Ameerat Al Behar and Zahrat Al Behar”

Equipped with 45-ton bollard pull capacity and powered by a pair of 1,323 KW engines, the vessel is powerful enough to handle some of the largest ships in operation today. Advanced fire-fighting systems from Norway add to the capabilities of these tugboats.

The Chinese built vessels will be primarily employed for the berthing and unberthing of ships visiting the Dry-dock for repair and maintenance. The service will be extended to other vessels that will come calling when commercial operations commence at Duqm Port.

Please contact: 0091-99345815 or email for more information.

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