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Khimji Blog is an interactive hub of the Khimji Ramdas Group. It is a platform for our visitors/customers to address their suggestions, complaints and valuable feedback.

We constantly engage with our blog patrons for resolving their queries, generating leads for our divisions and also connecting people with each other.

We share, we hear and we resolve. This proactive listening and learning has made us better.

If anyone has a complaint or query on our products and services offered, please write back to us at or call our toll-free 800-75000 (For Customers in Oman) for more.


  • Receipt – Always demand a receipt when paying, as this is evidence of the contract a retailer has entered into with you when it sold you an item.
  • Returning sale items – Even items purchased during a sale can be returned during the ten-day period as long as you still have the receipt. If a store refuses, report them.
  • Delivery time – When ordering an item from a store, ensure you keep evidence of the time they say it will be delivered. Failure to deliver during the agreed time period can be reported
  • Know the market – The CPD recommends researching before purchasing an expensive item, as it may be available cheaper elsewhere in the market.
  • Food labels – Before purchasing an item, check not just the expiry date, but that the item has labels showing the ingredients, country of origin and weight.  If it does not, report it to the store and relevant authorities.
  • Use your head – Before sitting down to eat somewhere, have a look at the cleanliness of the place and kitchen if possible as inspectors have found everything from animal droppings in improperly stored rice to beds for staff inside the kitchen.

Hotline Numbers to note:

  1. CPD in Muscat – 80078880
  2. Muscat Muncipality complaints number – 80077222
  3. Regional Municipalites complaints number – 24692564

* Courtesy – The Week newspaper


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