KR’s 3 Tug Boats

Khimji Ramdas owns three tug boats – “Dorat Al Behar, Ameerat Al Behar and Zahrat Al Behar”.  The recent pictures were taken at duqm shipyard of Tug boat ‘Ameerat Al Behar’ bringing ships to the dock.

Information on Tug Boats:

Today’s ships are vastly larger than they have ever been throughout history. These huge ships can move forward and backwards easily, but are usually unable to maneuver sideways. Ships require what is known as a “tug assist” as in assisting larger ships in and out of harbors and ports. Tugboats also tow ships and barges which are not under their own power, and aid in construction work taking place on or near a body of water.

Please contact: 98084972 or email for more information.

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