Moulinex-FoodPro ~ The all-new food processer from France

Now the Moulinex food processor comes in an all-new shape. The Masterchef is so compact and practical, all you have to do to prepare a meal is turn on the button.

And when you do, 27 functions like slicing, mixing, shredding, beating, dough and even extracting juice becomes easier than ever. Thanks to the powerful 850-watt motor.

Made in France by the experts from Moulinex, the Master Chef is all you will ever need in your kitchen to prepare meals.

  • BIG SIZE: 3L Mixer Bowl Capacity
  • METAL BLADE: For higher quality slicing and grating
  • 1.5L Blender Bowl

Available at:

Showrooms: Megastore, Ruwi: 24796161, 24708075 | Madinat Al Sultan Qaboos: 24696678 | Qurum: 24560419 | Salalah: 23295671

Call our KR Toll-free 800-75000 to know more.

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