VERTU – Life beautifully arranged

Vertu has become the dominant player in the luxury Smartphone world. Vertu handsets, hand crafted in England is a formidable style statement since 1983.

The phones are assembled by hand out of materials such as titanium and steel and with screens covered by slices of sapphire crystal. Keys pivot on ruby bearings. Customers are not just buying a phone. They’re buying a piece of jewellery. Vertu luxury mobiles are in the same vein as luxury watch manufacturers like Rolex and IWC.

One of the services acquired with a Vertu mobile is called “Vertu Concierge”. It is accessed through a special button, the “Concierge key”, on the side of every phone. This “hot key” puts the user through to a team of lifestyle managers who can book services such as gourmet dining, luxury travel or accommodation around the clock. The 24-hour hotline’s staffs—who speak nine languages including Chinese, Russian, and Arabic—handle requests such as restaurant reservations and travel planning.

There are now over 600 retail outlets, including one at Wynn Las Vegas. Learn more about its Concierge service.

The VERTU collection can now be enquired and ordered at Khimji’s Watches – 24699173/24699174. You can also email us at,

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