Cartier, The name synonymous with luxury

Cartier - Tank collection

In 1917, luxury French jeweller Cartier introduced one of the most iconic watch designs of all time: the Tank.
While most timepieces of the early twentieth century are inspired by aviation – including the formidable Santos de Cartier – the Tank drew its innovative aesthetic from the armoured vehicles that creator Louis Cartier witnessed during the First World War. Much like a military tank, its look is defined by a rectangular shape (a bold move away from the round watchcases of the time), while the metal bracelets are indented like the caterpillar treads of the machines that dominated European battlefields.

The Tank remains one the most enduringly popular watch designs of all time, and Cartier workshops have produced numerous variations, incorporating different materials, sizes, complications and adornments. Today, they offer five models: Francaise, Americaine, Anglaise, Solo and Louis Cartier.

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In 2012, Cartier added a new Tank model to its line-up (or ‘army’, if you will) – the Tank Anglaise. With a strap that integrates seamlessly into the case and a unique winding mechanism that sits within the watchcase (rather than beside it), the Anglaise feels solid and fortified. For an extra level of indulgence and elegance, look out for the variations finished with brilliant-cut diamonds.

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