Khimji Ramdas (KR) e-Greetings PORTAL LAUNCH


On the blessed occasion of the 44th National Day, Khimji Ramdas is delighted to launch​ ​​an​ e-greetings portal.

​ will serve as ​y​our new gateway for sending greetings to your loved ones & friends all over the world​.

The portal offers the greeting card service for the public at large and a special customised option for KR employees​ as well.​

T​hrough a ​special ​login mode​ (click on the top right hand corner of the home page at KR Login)​, ​47 variations of ​division​al​ logo​s​  can be embedded in the greetings to give it an official look and feel. The list of logos is attached for your perusal.


unnamed (1)

You can try sending custom e-greeting card option on this National Day 
to your friends & families,

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