Motorola Milestone – A life without limits needs a phone without compromise

We have been delighted with the anticipation and demand for MILESTONE across Oman. The response for android powered Motorola Milestone after its launch recently has been fulfilling the expectations of many Mobile phone users.  

The experience of understanding its unique features and comparing with the available Android phones in the market proves to be much different. As an Android 2.1 device, MILESTONE does what other smart phones don’t. It was designed to enhance consumer experiences – and its full screen web browsing experience, ability to juggle between multiple apps, and suite of Google applications that deliver.  The suite of Google™ mobile applications includes Google Search™, Google Maps™, Gmail™ and YouTube™ that are integrated onto the device.

Motorola Milestone is available at Khimji Ramdas Information and Communication Technology Division: Tel No: 24696255. Also Available at Cellucom MCC Tel No: 24558821. Cellucom QCC: Tel No: 24470808, Carrefour MCC, Carrefour QCC, And Emax MCC.