Swarovski – Unmatched Brilliance

Swarvsiki copy

Swarovski is the world leader in precision cut crystal. Swarovski has inspired creative trends in fields as varied as jewellery,
fashion, accessories, lighting and interior design, culture and industrial research and development.

Swarovski fashion jewellery and accessories are distributed in Oman by Khimji Ramdas LLC
and are available at all Khimji’s Luxury & lifestyle outlets in Oman.
For more information on Swarovski please contact
Ruwi Street: 24796161 | Qurum: 24560419 | KR Toll-free number: 800-75000.

Ray-Ban ~ The world’s best selling eyewear brand

The Most Iconic Eyewear Brand in the World, Ray-Ban “Never Hide,” advertising campaign is aimed at building on the brand’s 70 years of history. The “Never Hide” campaign encourages Ray-Ban wearers to act like their maverick selves — ‘Never pretend. Never be afraid. Never give up. Never hide.’

From Audrey Hepburn to James Dean; and JFK to Tom Cruise in Top Gun, Ray-Ban remains one of the most iconic brands in the world.

For more information on Ray-Ban please contact Megastore ruwi – 24796161, 24708075 | Qurum: 24560419 | MQ: 24696678 | Salalah: 23295671 | Toll-free number – Oman: 800-75000.