KR anchors its commitment for Children with Special Needs


Association of  Early Intervention  for Children with Disability, which has been doing yeoman service to nurture, develop and help children with special needs was visited by HH Muna bint Fahd Al Said, (Patron), HE Dr Yahya Al Maawali, Under Secretary, Ministry of Social Development, and Directors, Kanak Khimji & Pankaj Khimji of Khimji Ramdas on April 1, 2013.

KR has been  supporting the association for a long time now but it was only recently that it took upon itself to actively partner them in the true spirit of CSR.

Apart from deliberating on the plans to escalate the awareness and infrastructure of the organisation, the team took a tour of the facility.

The workshop which was managed by a senior member Ibrahim, was an eye opener of sorts showcasing human ingenuity and innovation.  Expensive aids like special chairs , supports  were being replaced by equipment made out of waste cardboard, throwaway paper, home made glue (all environmentally safe) at a fraction of a cost, to bring the benefits of these low cost aids to as many families as possible.

The Centre is truly worth a visit. KR intends to sensitize its own staff members by organising orientation trips to the Association to inspire more and more employees and their families to pitch in as volunteers.