Pizza Hut conducts Workplace Safety Training

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Pizza Hut Oman recently organized an in-depth training program on workplace safety for its line managers in association with the Public Authority
For Social Insurance (PASI).

During the session, participants were detailed on various safety concerns and common injuries at work place including identifying safety risks, preventing injury and post injury actions to be taken. 

Pizza Hut Oman conducts food safety training for its managers and supervisors

Recently Pizza Hut conducted food safety training for 73 of its managers and supervisors across Oman in three batches.

This training was conducted in association with the Ministry of Manpower at the Khimji Training Institute (KTI).

Managers and supervisors at Pizza Hut Oman are HACCP (The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) certified.

Regular refresher training on personal hygiene and food safety are given to all employees at Pizza Hut in order to have a good understanding of the latest techniques in food safety management.

Pizza Hut Hotline number: 24822 500

The PAN For All offer from Pizza Hut

Call pizza hut for the Pan For All WOW OFFER!!!  Four small pan pizza’s in one box for a WOW PRICE of RO 5.900*

Under the Pan-for-All offer, customers will get their pizzas in a specially designed box. They can choose from combinations including Super Supreme, Pepperoni, Spicy Hot, Hawaiian, Chicken Supreme, Garden Fresh, Exotica and Margherita.

Call now ~ Hotline number: 24822500

Muscat: QURUM, MBD, AIRPORT, AL KHUWAIR. AL KHOUD, GHALA, MABELLA, QURUM CITY CENTRE | Other Cities: SALALAH – 2329030, SOHAR 1 – 26841155, SOHAR 2 – 26752900, NIZWA – 25412096, SUR – 2554388, THARMAD – 26810036, IBRI – 25692444.

The promotion will run for 2 months. It will be available on delivery & take away, across all Pizza Hut outlets (Except: Wajaja & Bu Ali)