Feeling uninspired by plain white bathroom furniture – then Choose the new Khroma collection from Roca – It’s for you!



A splash of color to your bathroom to express your own unique personality! 

Khroma is the first complete decoration collection for the bathroom that includes colour and soft texture to create personal spaces brimming with sensations.

You can choose from Passion Red, Oxygen Blue, Silver Grey, and Street Grey. this is a remarkable collection from Roca.

Rocas design ethos is based on creativity together with technology. Quality in manufacturing and technological excellence applied to water conservation, makes for bathrooms that are globally recognised as leaders in the bathroom market.

The collection is striking thanks to its intense colours and offers a range of new bathroom solutions and possibilities.

 For enquires contact: 24613256 | 9910 3522 or Visit our Al Ghubra Showroom for more details.